• Welcome to Medical Office Solutions, Inc, seller of inSERVIO® and MedAssist®.


  • What is inSERVIO®? Your Adoring Servant.  We designed this software package to accommodate all your medical office practice needs.  We included Help messages on every page, customizable forms and Quick Letters, customizable appointment templates, and a user-friendly interface.  With Electronic Claims Processing we’ve streamlined many of your routine functions and line-item accounting gives you more control over your bottom line.   Designed to take advantage of Microsoft SQL server, inSERVIO features a clean interface that can use either the mouse or the keyboard equally well, and can work effectively on networks large and small.  See our inSERVIO page for more info.
  • MedAssist®: MedAssist was first released in 1987 and is a comprehensive practice management package for medical clinics, including multi-provider clinics. No longer be sold to new customers, we provide a variety of support options of current MedAssist users.