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MedAssist® was released in 1987. MedAssist is a comprehensive practice management package for medical clinics, including multi-provider clinics. With an emphasis on productivity enhancements, cash flow improvement, real-time processing and 100% utilization of all available resources, MedAssist has become a preferred choice of both first time buyers and conversion customers.  Originally designed for older systems, MedAssist features runs extremely fast on today’s modern equipment and features a keyboard only interface for even faster data entry.

What is MedAssist?

MedAssist version 4.5 is an advanced medical management system that’s truly affordable and cost-effective. If your office is currently using an outdated or inferior accounting system, you are probably spending too much time on tasks that can be performed much more efficiently using a sophisticated management tool, like MedAssist. MedAssist can expedite and facilitate the administrative tasks of your medical practice, which has accounted for most of the 40% increase in your overhead costs over the last five years. In a medical office, processing patients out of the office, printing out statements, submitting procedures to insurance companies, prescribing and tracking medications, posting payments and adjustments, scheduling appointments, and storing patient and account information is more efficiently managed by an advanced computerized system.

With an emphasis on productivity enhancements, cash flow improvement, real-time processing and 100% utilization of all available resources, MedAssist has become the preferred choice of both first time buyers and conversion customers. The right management software can actually save you hundreds of man-hours every year and generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue each month through the proper monitoring of all your practice’s functions.

Easy to Learn and Operate

MedAssist comes with over 1,000 pages of documentation. This facilitates your quick implementation of the advanced features of the program. A Tutorial Section guides you through the program’s nomenclature step-by-step. A Reference Section enables you to find answers to questions on specific screen functions, quickly and easily. On-screen help text is context-sensitive and available at the push of a button. A computer-based training program, on-site training, and national training seminars are also available to help you obtain the most effective use of the program in the shortest period of time.

Key Features

  • InOffice Screen
  • InHospital Screen
  • Insurance Processing
  • Auto-Posting of CPT Codes
  • Report Scheduler
  • Phone Dialer
  • Contact Processing
  • Practice Management Letters
  • Quick Letters
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Scheduling by Reason
  • Provider-Preferred Scheduling
  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Patient Recall
  • Insurance Estimation
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Cycle Billing
  • Modified Line Item Accounting
  • Payment Plans
  • Automatic Adjustments
  • Advanced Payment Distribution and Processing
  • Interactive Windows
  • Multiple User Access
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Laser Forms
  • Daily Reports
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Practice Status & Production Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Audit Trail of Changed an Deleted Entries
  • Receivables Comparisons
  • Managed Care Analysis
  • User-Selected Report Generator
  • Referral Tracking
  • Laboratory Interface
  • Improved Interoffice Communications
  • Better Patient Transcriptions
  • Treatment Planning and Patient Recall
  • Prescription Writing
  • End-of-Day Callback List

An effective medical management system, like MedAssist, doesn’t really cost you or your practice anything. It will actually pay for itself in the first few months of operation and its value to the practice will continue to increase over the years; so it should actually be better thought of as an investment. An INVESTMENT in the future of your practice. It will reduce your aged receivables by augmenting your collection system. It will increase your cash flow by enabling you to collect for services rendered in a more timely manner. MedAssist also has a dramatic effect on the collection of insurance benefits. This is made possible by MedAssist’s advanced tracking and estimating capabilities. Your accounting bills will also be reduced because of the concise nature of the receivable reports generated by the system. Staff hours for administrative functions will be drastically reduced by a more efficient billing system. You will also realize benefits from depreciation factors and expensing methods that are readily available for a capital purchase such as this.

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